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We are a group of local Little British Sports Cars enthusiasts, who are fans of MG, Triumph, Lotus, Healey, Mini, Jaguar, Jensen, Sunbeam, Morris and many more.

We welcome any and all sports car enthusiasts of any make, be it American or Foreign


Being in the parade and having lunch afterward was great fun, but many of us wanted just a bit more than a once per year event. During the years 2007 and early 2008 a group of us from Colorado Springs met and socialized at various other events. One often discussed topic was the idea of forming some kind of a group or club, here in Colorado Springs. The general feeling was that we did not wish to break away from the MGCC-RMC, but the Denver based club was too far away. Most of us did not participate in meetings, and had little input into the club. Some of us did go to events like Glenwood and the Conclave; however the one event that most of us attended every year was our local St. Patrick’s Day parade. After the parade in 2008 we were invited to lunch at the home of Derek and Trish Cass. I believe there were some members of the Denver group in attendance that day. The idea of forming a local group of our own really began to take form during that lunch. Shortly afterward on April 13th, 2008, Mike and Lynn Holm had a lunch/meeting at their home, in Colorado Springs. I believe it was Mike who coined the phrase that we should “form a paragraph to the Denver chapter of the MGCC-RMC.” There were 20 to 30 people from Colorado Springs and the area present. Mike had also invited members of the MGCC-RMC from the Denver area. I believe that Al Wulf and his wife attended as well as George and Cindy Smith from Denver. At this meeting we discussed several different ideas including the establishment of an email list for the Colorado Springs members. Since that time the MGCC-RMC has created a separate club roster for those of us who live south of Denver.
Sometime before the meeting at Mike and Lynn’s home I had attended a breakfast held by MGCC-RMC members in Arvada (NW Denver area). They held their breakfast every Wednesday morning at Denny’s, and still do. I attended that breakfast a couple of times in my TC. It was a long drive up there, about 65 miles, so I had to leave home pretty early in the TC to arrive by 9:00 AM. It was a lot of fun and honestly it gave me a chance to drive the TC which I always enjoyed.
During the meeting at Mike and Lynn’s home, I brought up the idea of having a regular breakfast in Colorado Springs, similar to the Arvada breakfast. There were a number of people who liked the idea so I set it up. The first meeting took place at Denny’s on Academy at 9:00 AM on Monday morning April 21st, 2008. There were 9 of us present. I remember Bob Rich, Jim Goodwin, Pete Perea, John Dunham, and Juergen Keetz who drove his MGB all the way up from Cotopaxi. There were two MGB’s (Pete & Juergen), a Jaguar XK 150 (John Dunham), a Karman Ghia (unknown), an MG-TC (me), a BMW (Bob?), a Dodge Pickup (Jim), an SUV and another vehicle (type and occupant unknown). We decided to have our breakfast every two weeks from then on.
The list of members grew pretty quickly. In those early days it was normal to have 5 to 7 members show up for breakfast. Not long after the breakfast began Jim Goodwin saw an advertisement for someone wanting to start an MG club in Colorado Springs and told me about it. It turned out to be Bernie Osborne. Jim told all of us at the next breakfast and shortly thereafter John Dunham invited Bernie to come and join us which Bernie did! From the beginning we all agreed that we would not form a club, rather just a group of people who were interested in Little British Cars. There was to be no formal organization. No President or other officers, and no dues! At some point we decided to switch from meeting Mondays to Fridays. On March 18th, 2009 Jim Goodwin sent an email to all and suggested that we switch from Denny’s to the Clubhouse at Patty Jewett Golf course. It was agreed and our first breakfast at Patty Jewett was March 20th, 2009. At the time we made the switch to Patty Jewett we had 25 members. I believe that today we are approaching 60 members.
Since this group has formed a number of the members have held various events. The attendance at breakfast has continued to grow. Today it is common to have 25 to 35 people attend breakfast. We have also expanded in our interest. The group started out with just MG’s, then expanded to Little British Cars, today we welcome members with sports cars from all over the world. It is also common to see MGB’s, Morgan’s, MG-TC’s, MG-TD’s, MG-TF’s, Jaguars, as well as BMW’s, Porsches, Corvettes, and other assorted sports cars in the parking lot. During the summer months there is often a bit of an impromptu car show in the parking lot.
We have had many guests attend our breakfast. One particularly interesting lady was Peta Snyder. On the morning of May 1st, 2009 Jim Goodwin drove his MG-TC to breakfast. On his way he picked up Peta. This event was a surprise to Peta who was about to celebrate her 90th birthday. After breakfast Peta shared many stories and a wonderful slide show regarding her past and her relationship with MG’s. It seems that back in the 1930’s Peta used to do rallies and raced around England with her brother in a P-type. She was indeed, quite a lady.

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Our History

by Bud Silvers
The following is based on my memory, the memory of others, and e-mails.

I have, at times, been asked if I was the one who started the Little British Car Group in Colorado Springs. I confess that I had a hand in it, but I honestly can’t take full credit for starting the group. There were many other people and events that laid the ground work for this amazing group to find its way into reality. In writing this History I may be leaving some people and events out. This is not intentional on my part. I have little knowledge of what took place prior to my association with the MG/British Car people in Colorado Springs. If indeed, I have left something out which the reader feels should have been included then please contact me directly or through the webmaster so this oversight can be corrected



The earliest effort that I am aware of toward organizing MG’s in Colorado Springs would be the MGCC-RMC (MG Car Club-Rocky Mountain Center) participation in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I am not sure exactly when this started, as it was well before my time with MG’s.  Derek Cass was a member of the MGCC-RMC who lived in the Colorado Springs area. When I met Derek in 2005, he related the following story to me: It seems that one year a friend of Derek’s who was in the Buick club ask Derek if he would like to drive his MGB in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Derek’s friend had an antique Buick and the Buick Club had space for another car. Derek readily agreed. While waiting for the parade to start one of the Buick guys pointed at Derek’s MGB and said; “That’s not a Buick!” Derek quickly replied to this; “Well it will be when it grows up!”……. The following year Derek organized members of the MGCC-RMC to be in the parade. This continued for several years thereafter. When Derek’s health no longer permitted him to organize the parade our friend Jim Goodwin took over the duty. For the past few years the MGCC-RMC and the LBC group have been in the parade. I believe that 2012 is the first year since Derek started our participation in the parade, that neither group will participate.



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Jim Goodwin and Peta Snyder

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